Monday, May 24, 2010

Students Council Elections

Well the Students Council elections are over. No surprises the team which mudslung more and which sought votes based on regional sentiments and which was backed by 'mandals' has won.

Several points to be noted.

1 IISc the premier research institute in India and you see such thing happening here. Wonderful.
Education seems to be unable to elevate man.

2 I distinctly remember the group which screamed about decorum in the mess. Well they are the ones who hooted and threw coins at the losing candidate. Reminds me of Nityananda - the sheer hypocrisy of it all.

3 Aggressive Campaigning on Sunday supposedly a no campaigning day. Why the charade of an election if you don't understand the meaning of what you are doing.

Coming to a more important point. Consider the behaviour of all these people. Routine Ghetto mentality. But what I see is how these people will behave when they go out. They have come to an alien place, an alien culture and they should try to mingle and merge. No what they do to is group together and believe that they can actually get away with it. Will they stop licking each others asses and behave as rational human beings when it comes to taking decisions of collective importance. Obviously no. Interesting question is how should I treat them. Well no more empathy for any of these people. Xenophobia has come calling. Don't know what to do.


Blogger akp said...

And, I guess it was the hatred towards the group which lost that got the votes to the one who won rather than their real capabilities...

//I distinctly remember the group which screamed about decorum in the mess. Well they are the ones who hooted and threw coins at the losing candidate.//

If this has really happened, it is really a bad thing.

3:53 AM  
Blogger Tracer Bullet said...

Well yes it did happen. Followed by bursting of crackers and littering several places. But I guess we all should move on.

2:32 AM  
Blogger Deeps said...

Something similar happened to me:
On the "no campainging day", the so called "mandal"'s agent almost forced me to the voting booth. I didn't object much, followed him and voted to the candidate of my choice, came out and declared the same. Should have seen his face.

2:46 AM  
Blogger suresh said...

* place a north-indian and a telugu and u have an unbeatable combination.
* suspend yr self-worth and allow yrselves to be herded into voting for someone who speaks your language or someone who knows someone else who knows the candidate asked you to vote for him.
* forget the fact that ppl r supposed to attend soap-box, question the candidates on the points iven/not-given in the manifestos.
* wallow in the glory of your candidate winning. actually given the state of yr miserable research, how often do you get moments to rejoice? jump as high as possible( forget that u'll crash-land).

* compare the manifestos. they are the same anyway. even if they look different how does it matter? once the guy that you voted for cos he speaks yr language wins the election, he is free to use good things from the other guy. so don't waste time reading the manifestos. ask what language the candidates speak.
* accord even the basic courtesy to the losing candidates. ideally they should be lynched, shouldn't they? remember/imagine what they would have done to you if they'd won and act accordingly/brutally
* stop campaigning after the appointed hour is over. rem, only losers stick to rules. winners make them instead.
* think that +campaigning alone is campaigning. in war and love everything is fair. -ve campaigning +vely brings votes. if the other side does not do it, they are deservedly losers. didn't they just prove themselves?

5:36 AM  

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